Proposal: Support strong holders and node runners (Hopr version)!

Hi, guys and girls!

Actual data:

  • We have some xDAI and HORP for Dao v0.2.
  • We have Hopr hardware node (actual price ~500USD).
  • We have NFT for holding.
  • We have Hopr Stacking.

My proposal is to support strong holders and node runners.

  1. xDAI tokens. See my proposal: Proposal: Support strong holders and node runners (DAI version)!

  2. Hopr tokens. When nodes will be runned, we must delegate these tokens between all runned nodes (the same token amount). Every 3 months we need to reorganize our delegation between only active nodes (minimal uptime is 95% for last 100 days). After sometimes we can increase Hopr Dao delegation’s tokens amount by new commission. I think it also will be good point for rookie to run his node!

NB! This proposal will not decrease token price, because Dao tokens will not be sold.

Five main things of proposal: support, honesty, trust, usefulness and gratitude.


Intresting idea @svd , it will help overall decentralization of network and motivate new node runners to join.

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I also think this is an interesting idea to create more nodes and therefor decentralization. But I think it isn’t fair to divide all tokens between active nodes. So a part of the tokens I would use to incentivize node runners but not all of them

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It’s a good idea, I like it as an active participant in the project. I will keep the node myself after launching the main network. It would also be possible to delegate this initially based on selected applications from validators. Thus, only the best validators who will ensure the operation of the network will receive incentives.

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Great idea. I keep the coins since the purchase, after the testnet and I’m going to launch the node


Real benefit for the project :+1:

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There should be support priorities for node runners (Hopr instances)! , Those who contribute to the project jointly develop, I completely agree

Good idea.This is a nice incentive for node operators and holders.