Proposal: Target A New Exchange

Use the funds to get the token listed on a top exchange like Binance and Coinbase. Considering the importance of being listed on more exchanges and the impact that it can have on the popularity and growth of HOPR project and protocol.

Binance is an investor in the project so there should not be a big issue with listing there as the project itself is a top class. I assume that team is already thinking to list it on various exchanges including Binance itself but we should do it fast now.

It’s a matter of time to go on the Binance exchange, Hopr needs to come up with a product that attracts people and sees the importance of Hopr in the blockchain. At the same time, there will be links with the partnership, Hopr will grow well, Listing the exchange It’s only a matter of time later.

There is no point in spending money on a paid listing. If the project is of interest in the public space, then all major cex add a token to themselves for free, just to get a part of the audience.