Proposal: the costs of HOPR - Time

We need time. I remember months ago Sebastian expressing himself here revealing that HOPR was able to bear the costs and salaries until the end of the year thanks to a newly signed agreement. The economic sustainability of HOPR is the first concern, so I propose that 500,000 HOPRs are sold in monthly trance over a period of 24 months again to cover fixed costs and wages.

Final considerations: the monthly sale of hopr token shares will have an effect on the price but the future scheduled unlocks will have a much greater one; I believe that by now the remaining investors are here for the long term and therefore resistant to further price fluctuations. In such a thin market either demand is stimulated or it is useless to consider the price. Only the approach of the finished product will drastically change, as we all hope, even the economic scenario. For this we need time.


A good idea

Thanks, I think it’s a good idea. But only it needs to be justified, since some details are not very clear