Proposal:Uniswap v2 45% - Pancakeswap v2 45% - Honeyswap 10%

We can allocate the liquidity of each DEX according to the trading volume ranking.
The ranking of DEX trading volume can be queried here.


Xdai Chain:

24H VOL :
UNISWAP(v2&v3)'s transaction volume and PANSWAP’s transaction volume are roughly 1:1.

For XDAI’s Honeyswap, the transaction volume is only about 1 million US dollars per day, which is almost insignificant compared with other dex, but since there are still a large number of xhopr token in xdai chain, I hope to be able to allocate 10% of the liquidity to this.

This is my suggested HOPR liquidity distribution:

:unicorn:Uniswap v2 45% in the HOPR-DAI pair

*Uniswap is currently the most powerful and most used dex on the Ethereum network, why not choose it? Regarding the choice of v2 or v3, I think it should be v2. When the Hopr farm ends, we can consider migrating most of the liquidity of v2 to v3.

:pancakes:BSC Pancakeswap v2 45% in the HOPR-DAI pair

*Regarding bsc, the development of Pancakeswap is advancing by leaps and bounds this year. Compared with the high gas fee of the Ethereum network, BSC gas fee is low, and the single transaction cost is very low. It is very suitable for ordinary user transactions. And the explosive growth of Pancakeswap users, I believe that more users will understand and hold HOPR.

Data Sources: DeBank | Your DeFi wallet

:honey_pot:XDAI Honeyswap 10% in the HOPR-xDAI pair

*Although the Hopr node is running on the xDAI chain, relative to the transaction volume of honeyswap, I think that 10% of the liquidity placed in honeyswap is sufficient.


Hi @meowmeow. Thanks for the proposal. We’ve recently updated the validity rules for Uni v3, so I’ve marked this as incomplete for now. See here for more details: Topic-specific Validity Rules - #3 by thewanderingeditor

In addition, I think it’s important to specify implementation detail, so “When the Hopr farm ends, we can consider migrating most of the liquidity of v2 to v3” is not precise enough to be a valid proposal.

I understand the importance of flexibility, so I think it’s fine to have some contingency (e.g, do X unless Y happens), but ideally the HOPR Association should be able to carry out the entirety of the proposal under normal conditions without needing to come back to the community for further discussion.

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Supplementary details(Uni v3):

Before the end of Hopr Farm, Liquidity on the Ethereum should be maintained at UNI v2.
When the Hopr farm ends, 100% of UNI v2 liquidity will be migrated to UNI v3.
About UNI v3 details

Liquidity fee:


Price range (Revision):

Unlimited range

Which moment to choose the price of MA60

The day of liquidity migration

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looks great,maybe more on honeyswap for node running?

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Thanks for this update. The proposal has been added to the official list here: Proposal #4: Uniswap v2/v3 45% - Pancakeswap v2 45% - Honeyswap 10%

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I think 10% liquidity is sufficient because the HOPR token running this node does not require strong transaction liquidity. More liquidity can be in Uniswap&Pancake to provide better liquidity depth.

The only problem I have with this proposal is the allocations. I don’t think 10% for XDAI Honeyswap is enough and I think BSC 45% is a bit too much PancakeSwap.

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There is no need for much liquidity on honeyswap, just a small amount of Hopr token transactions can be done, and the main transaction can be at pancakeswap&uniswap.
There is a BSC&ETH&XDAI bridge here, which is very convenient to use.

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Is it worth staying so long on Uniswap? It is obvious that in the current realities it will not stand up to the competition due to its retrograde views (in contrast to 1inch with several networks). I would definitely not be storing this amount of liquidity on the eth network.
45% - too much.

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Without preface, let’s get down to business !!!

The idea should be simple and clear , I believe that if there is not enough liquidity in the pool, and someone wants to come out in a large size, then your HOPR will turn into a candy wrapper (it will be depreciated). Accordingly, my proposal is to transfer all liquidity to Uniswap v3 . In the third version, the capital works more efficiently, the AMM has been improved, etc.
More information can be found at the link:

PancakeSwap, Honeyswap, Polygon - forget about it

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1inch itself is a dex-aggregator, there is no need to migrate a large amount of liquidity to the aggregator, we only need to provide liquidity on some top dex.

Given the impossibility of including proposals regarding Solana, this is my favorite, although I consider the arrival in BSC contrary to the philosophy of HOPR in terms of decentralization.

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Due to the occurrence of the black swan event in the market these days, I think the uni v3 price range I set before is not a good response to the extreme market, so I changed the price range.

looks great,maybe more on Pancakeswap?

looks great!

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