Proposal: Use 25% of DAI-HOPR for new dex

I originally voted for original DAI-HOPR to be on uniswap. Believed many of us thought that layer two would bring some prices down, but with all the NFT minting, I believe it is hard for small purchases to access HOPR on Uniswap without paying large fees. For anyone trying to dollar cost average or for small fish in general, Uniswap remains a barrier. Perhaps we could take 25% of DAI rewards and pair them with equivalent Hopr on a different DEX to encourage cheaper purchases/better access for smaller buyers.


I couldn’t add new theme so i want to describe my proposal here.
My proposal is:
Use 168k DAI for advertisement. Use this DAI for paying some big telegramm communities to shill the Hopr, a lot of people now staked their Hopr so not everyone will unstake his tokens. Also i highly recommend to make adv in some big soc media like insta/facebook/youtube! You can do it! I wish best for Hopr and team! and my second small proposal is - give something to the team, to make them happy!

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You are kind and generous)

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You can’t create a new post? Are you trying to make it in the right category? You should be able to do it in the DAI Discusion category: DAI Discussion - HOPR Community Forum

If it’s accepted, then a moderator will move it to the official category. Regular users can’t create posts there.


Thanks for this proposal @Badams1977. I’ve tagged it as invalid for now, because I don’t think it’s actionable as written. Where would the “equivalent HOPR” come from? If it’s the same HOPR assigned to this DAO vote, then they aren’t available for a proposal like this because they will be assigned to whichever proposals win the vote.

It would also be useful to specify one or more candidate DEXs to make this more specific.