PROPOSAL: use DAI for price manipulation (burn HOPR from open market)

I think, every additional HOPR emission to open market influence on a price. Price is low this moment and I don’t see reasons for increasing price until product launch for consumers.

All incentivizes, like stake with high APR, community bounties will pressure price.
To compensate this pressure, I propose, use DAI to buy HOPR from open market and try maintain current price (try to not decline).
HOPR HUNT: 250000 hopr
DAO: 50000 hopr
stake APR: ~ 9 mln hopr (37 mln * av.25%)

So, we will get additional ~9,3 mln. HOPR (~2,5 mln $) at open market until and of stake.

I propose:

  1. Not add HOPR at open market and burn it.
  2. Use DAI for buying HOPR at open market for manipulating price (support price level). What moment it should see HOPR market maker. Sum is not big, but we can use it.

As I understand tokenomic info:

  • liquidity is enough;
  • treasure for incentivize program is enough.