Proposal: We do not need more than one DEX! Move all liquidity to Uniswap v3

“small” buyers are not ready to spend $25-$40 for uniswap swap, but they are ready to spend $100-$200 fee on the bridge to another network? :slight_smile:

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I am an Eth holder, in small quantities, I have no hope for Vitalika.
Mining Eth is a huge business. More and more announcements of new asic releases for eth mining:

You can wait for Eth 2.0 for a very long time

Yes, you are right, it is a big money game. As the result we have only one working solution - 3) option: total migration to the new network.

Why should they spend money on the bridge? They can buy and sell within their network.

If you want a native HOPR token you must use bridge to transfer them from/to ETH network. If you are speculation player - yes, it is more simple. But

If you want only to trade - you can use the SPOT exchanges.

You’re right. But since we don’t have any other chains in roadmap, we should also think about nearest future. And there was info about the possible chainges in liquidity distribution in the 6 months

We must wait for official announcement. And after then we can migrate our HOPR token totally (with new contract) or create pools in other blockchains.

Someone in the early messages have already said, that HOPR token is the main feature in the project. Success of whole project connected with the success of HOPR token. So how can you stimulate new investors/users to buy/hold/use HOPR token? They should see the financial perspectives. The idea itself and only technical features won’t survive without strong and benefitial token.

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Let’s not forget that xDai is available on AscendEX (BitMax).
This has been a proper solution for small balances while a honeyswap pool (xDai/xHopr) was live.

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OK, I just looked at the BSC-xDAI omnibridge further.
It’s true, there is a little caveat about what I said.
You do need only 2 transactions (BSC and xDAI) to send HOPR (BSC) to HOPR (xDAI). But then, that gives you Binance-Peg HOPR, NOT xHOPR or wxHOPR…
You need then to follow these two instructions Binance-Peg Dai Token on xDai - xDai
to get xHOPR from your Binance-Peg HOPR… And that cost xDAI. Obviously, you don’t have xDAI yet… If you want to send DAI (BSC) → xDAI you’ll also have this issue. You’ll need to already have xDAI to pay for transfering from Binance-Peg DAI to xDAI.

Anyway, maybe I wasn’t clear because it is quite complicated. In short, you DO need to pay the $100 at least ONCE to transfer the first bunch of xDAI :/.

The good news though, is that you need to do this just ONCE, send enough xDAI for paying the gas fees, and then you’re good to go.

Maybe, you can send those xDAI from a CEX, that would save $150… I think it might be possible though!

EDIT: yep here you can see the list of CEX where to buy xDAI directly without crazy gas fees! Buying xDai with Fiat - xDai

Makes things excessively complicated though… Hopefully xDAI will be more available in the future…

I would go gradually to resolve the issue.

  1. The question that needs an answer is, do we need other dexes? I think yes
  2. The question is, how many of them do we need at all? I think for a start 1, if the need arises, you can always put forward a new topic for voting.
  3. What is the most popular dex? The answer is obvious, Binance.
    It turns out the answer is pretty obvious, first, you need to add a smart chain. Increased entropy should have a positive effect on adaptation and growth of Hopr

Stick with the basics uni v3 and eth we don’t need other things.

More DEX and more CEX that’s all we need

Great offer my friend!
I hope the team hears us and draws the right conclusions!


I believe that the main focus should be on uniswap! Large platform, many players, everything is very easy to use!


You are complaining about the commission on the Ethereum network, but you do not want to provide liquidity on other networks, this is strange.
If we add exchangers in other networks, then no one will force you to switch to them, you can stay on the Ethereum network, but other users will be able to buy HOPR by spending a few cents on a commission.

Already set an announcement date?
xDai was chosen as a temporary network, transactions for nodes work in it.

We are now deciding how to allocate liquidity to make HOPR more affordable, this proposal contradicts this.

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Let’s team start mainnet with staking. We need BUIDL.

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We are too small to split our DAO pool. Please carefully read my arguments in the main message. This split can degrates ETH network pool too.

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“Temporary” solution. We don’t know what solution will be in production.

We don’t need to forget about security, usability and economic feasibility.

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