[Proposal] Web dashboard/application

Idea is to create some browser page/application. To combine functionality in one place:

Idea is

  • Be able to anonymously visit web pages;
  • Integrated anonymous chat;
  • Ability to control balance;
  • Ability to control tokens that are staked/NFTs
  • Make swaps real time;
  • Control the state of the working node (in the future);


Attract new enthusiasts, as it will be easier for them to make the first impression of the project.
Makes easier for marketers to describe and demonstrate the project for new investors.
Improve usability for old users.

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Hi, this feels like it could be a valid proposal, but we’d need more information. Please check out the validity guidelines. If and when you’re ready for this to be moderated, please change the post title to include [Proposal]

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Hi. I see you updated this for moderation, but didn’t change the text of the proposal. I’ve marked it as incomplete, but we really need some more information in accordance with the validity guidelines before I can pass it on to tech for approval.

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Hello, why my proposal still incomplete?)