[Proposal] Web3 and 5G...let's talk infrastructure

5G Hardware infrastructure (like that being distributed by Helium (HNT) for example) could help create a truly decentralized web3 that is owned by the people. I would like to see the HOPR protocol as default functionality with these devices so privacy and metadata privacy are available with these services out of the box.

Implementing this proposal would entail partnerships with appropriate and like-minded projects. Helium and FreedomFi are simply as examples. The main take-away here is that I believe HOPR and a project like Helium could work well in combination for building Web3 infrastructure that could enable privacy by default…This also seems like a particularly good use-case for IoT device implementation.

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do you know if helium already has some sort of privacy for their network? I know the lorawan infrastructure already offers a degree of privacy in their architecture but curious to know how it compares to hopr

To my knowledge, Helium is primarily a lorawan network but is trying to add 5G capability. Privacy on either network, I would shill HOPR as the better solution. I would not expect existing security solutions on these networks to include metadata privacy via mixnet. I was just using Helium as an example and do recognize that it is not an EVM blockchain but we have to start somewhere. :)

thanks, really like the proposal and do think this is a great starting point .

I see HNT and hopr as 2 completely different projects, the purpose of use is also different, the proposal is not feasible

There’s a few angles you could take this:

  • HOPR over Helium (so you as a Helium user do not disclose information to the Helium node operator)
  • HOPR in parallel to Helium (so you as Helium node operator have more revenue in monetizing your internet through both HOPR and Helium)
  • Helium over HOPR (so you as Helium node operator benefit from metadata privacy when it comes to your Helium transactions which are sent via HOPR to other nodes, see the ideas along wallet/RPC providers)
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Thanks for the additional use-case suggestions @SCBuergel ! My original thinking on this proposal was HOPR over Helium. My reasoning here is that HOPR and Helium both seem like excellent options for IoT device connectivity which could be anything from healthcare devices to communication devices to security systems to light bulbs, etc.

Excellent suggestion. Having looked at Helium devices my first thought was one could start building a physical Helium node which includes HOPR as a service which is exposed to all connected clients as an additional service.

As @SCBuergel mentioned Helium control plane communication over HOPR could also be interested, since that is running into the same privacy as nodes in other blockchain networks.

Thank you for clarifying all this! “Physical Helium node which includes HOPR as a service”…this is exactly what I am trying to suggest but glad to see other use-cases to explore. This seems like a really cool, useful, and doable proposal when teaming up with the right partners, such as Helium or FreedomFi.

I like your suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion. As indicated by the other team members’ responses, this could probably be a valid proposal with just a few more details about implementation. You can find the full validity guidelines here:

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