[Proposal] Whistleblower protection

Let’s build a HOPR enabled version of Wikileaks.

I propose that HOPR partners with an entity such as the Freedom of the Press Foundation (freedom.press) who would own and build the front end user interface (potentially funded through their own grant program) and to fact check and report on leads submitted to them. HOPR would be providing the privacy and metadata privacy necessary to protect whistleblowers from the negative consequences of informing the public of a wrong doing. Other partners would likely need to be involved such as decentralized and secure data repository.


Where anyone can whistleblow under protection of privacy?

Yep, absolutely. We should do everything possible to help protect the heroes that are willing to put their lives at risk for the greater good.

The heroes or those bent on fake news and disinformation. I think we know which category has more followers :frowning: Still a decent idea I think, blame the users not the platform.

This proposal is for creating a framework in which people can feel safe in reporting a wrong doing, not really about confirming the information as being truthful/accurate. Teaming up with the Freedom of the Press Foundation (freedom.press) may be a good option for vetting and releasing credible information.

Am I missing something or wouldn’t this rather be a case for filecoin/storj etc?
And hopr would rather provide the anonymous gateway to this solution?

I am not suggesting that HOPR be the public face to this, merely the privacy tech that allows it to function as intended. Freedom.press or the like could own the front end and of course there will need to be other partners to make it all work.

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It’s a good idea, but it’s not very clear how to implement it

The back end of something like this may have many other uses in the ecosystem

Thanks for the suggestion, this would need a lot more information to be a valid proposal. If you’d like to expand it, please check out the validity requirements here.