Proposal - win & win: pay the team and reward testnet participants

HOPR team seem well aware of the importance and benefits of giving back to the community. This time, we should put the team before us.

Funds are far from being enough for a new listing and we already have an ongoing staking that continuously reward the participants.

HOPR team deserve a piece of the profit for their hard work. I have nothing but full confidence in their work ethic.

They should continue to keep %60 of the funds for themselves and use the rest to reward testnet participants.

This is a win-win for everyone who contribute to the project.

EDIT: We can set team goals and keep these funds locked until those targets are reached.


Agree. The team deserved it.


While I agree on principal, 60% seems a bit steep. There are far fewer devs than testnet participants, maybe a 30/70 split in favor of the testers would be more appropriate. This would still leave a far more significant reward per dev than tester. I’m not down playing the role of devs just suggesting we consider that ratio a bit more…


I agree that the HOPR team are working hard but its not time for rewards yet. There is still more work to be done with the funds. The Team will reap the rewards for their hard work when HOPR mainnet is launched.

How about we set goals for the team and these funds remain locked until those targets reached.

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Thanks for this proposal @batuvds. For now I’ve tagged it as incomplete.

At a minimum, I’d need to see more information about:

i) What it means to “use the rest to reward testnet participants.” How would this be implemented? Do you mean previous testnet participants? Future participants? Both?

ii) What kind of goals do you mean in the edit you added? How might this process be managed?

We don’t need super-precise detail, but these are big concepts that are open to a lot of interpretation, so a bit more specificity is needed.

Thank you very much for your review and feedback. I’ve noticed there’re other similar suggestions to mine and some of them are much better explained. I decided its best for me to avoid keeping this platform busy by creating similar topics with same suggestion. I will continue to support those other and better ideas. All the best.

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