Prospective Hunter Announcement Thread

If you’re interested in participating in the HOPR Bounty Program, please announce yourself in this thread, along with any relevant information.

Relevant info could include:

  • Relevant tech experience
  • Links to your Github
  • Your interest in HOPR / crypto / data privacy

Hunters who announce themselves here are more likely to be matched with upcoming bounties, but this is not guaranteed.


I am interested in the Dune Analytics bounty.

10+ years as software engineer
github .com/pontus-dev (space due to not being able to create links)
Passionate about decentralized tech and very curious to see how far HOPR can go!

Hi! This is Phill, a blockchain dev and technology geek from Brazil.

My goal is to contribute to decentralizing the internet. I have already contributed to HOPR bounties in the past. My GitHub account is @menezesphill, check out my previous work!(Unfortunately, I couldn’t paste the link here :sweat:)

My interests are Backend infrastructures for blockchain, Oracles, Decentralized Finances, and Open-source. If you want to talk about crypto and blockchain in general, don’t hesitate to send me a message on Discord: Taurinos#1622