Prospective Hunter Announcement Thread

If you’re interested in participating in the HOPR Bounty Program, please announce yourself in this thread, along with any relevant information.

Relevant info could include:

  • Relevant tech experience
  • Links to your Github
  • Your interest in HOPR / crypto / data privacy

Hunters who announce themselves here are more likely to be matched with upcoming bounties, but this is not guaranteed.


I am interested in the Dune Analytics bounty.

10+ years as software engineer
github .com/pontus-dev (space due to not being able to create links)
Passionate about decentralized tech and very curious to see how far HOPR can go!

Hi! This is Phill, a blockchain dev and technology geek from Brazil.

My goal is to contribute to decentralizing the internet. I have already contributed to HOPR bounties in the past. My GitHub account is @menezesphill, check out my previous work!(Unfortunately, I couldn’t paste the link here :sweat:)

My interests are Backend infrastructures for blockchain, Oracles, Decentralized Finances, and Open-source. If you want to talk about crypto and blockchain in general, don’t hesitate to send me a message on Discord: Taurinos#1622

Hey everyone! My name is Nelson, I’m a software developer from Honduras. I like to say that I’m a problem solver using code as a tool.

I have a great deal of web2 experience in which I have worked for 6 years now, including Python’s web frameworks, and JS frameworks, and I am working towards my AWS certification, and have more of a “hackathon” experience working with web3.

I found out about HOPR on Gitcoin and I thought it’s a project worth backing, in recent years more and more control over their data has been taken away from users and given to the big tech, and I think that combining HOPR to existing web2 use cases we can make robust DApps that are flexible, powerful and give back control of their data to the client.

I would be interested in working towards encrypting already existing data on web2, and developing protocols that facilitate end users the decentralization and analysis of their own data, using HOPR as an intermediary.

wen next hunt?