Puzzle #1 Submission Thread - SOLVED!

UPDATE: Sorry everyone, it looks like the link to the image version of the queen’s message was not working in all versions of the forum. I’ve updated the puzzle post to include the image there.

To give everyone a chance to properly solve the puzzle, I won’t mark any submissions for a further 48 hours. I will say that ITS NO GOOD is still the red herring answer, and incorrect :)

By way of apology, this puzzle will now have three gold NFTs associated with it, for the first three correct answers. There will still be nine bronze NFTs available for the next nine correct answers.


This is the submission thread for week 1 of the HOPR hunt. It covers Puzzle #1.

When you think you have the answer, reply here. You can only make one reply every two hours.

The first correct answer will earn a Gold Puzzle Solver NFT. The next nine correct answers will earn a bronze NFT.

Answers won’t start to be marked right or wrong until 48 hours after publication of the puzzle.

Good luck!

Answer post 1//
ITSNOGOOD: It’s no good

ITSNOGOOD: It’s no good

me too :cry:

ITSNOGOOD : It’s no good

I messed up again


ITSNOGOOD - It’s no good

ITSNOGOOD: It’s no good

ITSNOGOOD: It’s no good

ITSNOGOOD: It’s no good

ITSNOGOOD (It’s no good)

ITSNOGOOD: It’s no good



Itsnogood (its no good)

Answer post 1
ITSNOGOOD:It’s no good
Thank HOPR Community

This is my answer

ITSNOGOOD ~ It’s no good
This is my answer. Tks for Quiz :slight_smile:

My answer is “ITSNOGOOD”