RAY-HOPR on Raydium (Solana chain)

The propose is to transfer 50% of total liquidity on RAY-HOPR pool on Raydium.


  • Very low fees on Solana Network, one of the fastest growing chain

  • This will allow it to be listed on Raydium exchange, Serum, probably Bonfida and perhaps FTX

  • There are still a few projects launched on Raydium, which guarantees visibility

  • Raydium itself has Trading Swap Liquidity, Pools, Farms,Fusion, Staking functions


Are there bridges to bring the HOPR token from main net Ethereum onto Solana / Raydium and back?

They have a Wormhole

Their GitHub section is certainly to be appreciated, in my opinion.

Thanks for your interest, I appreciate it.

Always happy to learn. I just want to make sure we’re technically able to implement the potential proposal.

I encourage you to add this into some proposal.


please make it on elrond or bsc

Thanks, I’ve tried to post a more articulated proposal. I hope it can be a good starting point for discussion.

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