READ THIS FIRST: HOPR DAO v0.2 Topic, Processes, and Timeline

Welcome to the second HOPR DAO v0.2 governance experiment. The topic for this experiment is:

"How should the 168,763 DAI and 485,355 HOPR tokens generated from the Balancer Liquidity Pool and the Uniswap v2 pool be used?"

Proposals must be feasible, legal, and in compliance with HOPR’s values and code of conduct. Most importantly, only proposals which will grow the HOPR project and ecosystem in the medium to long-term will be considered. This means airdrops and other simplistic distribution options are unlikely to be considered valid proposals.

The Process

This time, the experiment will be split into two parts, running in parallel. Each part will cover one currency (DAI and HOPR tokens). Each part has its own discussion and proposal subcategories in the forum.

HOPR Token Discussion and Vote

In the HOPR token portion, eight proposals have been provided by the HOPR Association. You are welcome to suggest further proposals for future reference, but we expect only the eight official proposals will be put to the vote. We do expect to update and clarify the proposals based on community discussion and feedback, however.

After the vote, the budget will be split among the FOUR proposals which receive the most support, split 40/30/20/10.

** DAI Discussion, Referendum and Vote**

The DAI portion of the vote is more open ended. You are invite to make proposals for how to allocate some or all of the DAI fund.

To be valid, proposals must explain what is proposed, how it will be implemented, why it will benefit HOPR and how much budget is needed. Explanations must be clear, but do not need to be completely exhaustive. However, vague suggestions like “Spend more on marketing” will not be considered valid.

Valid proposals will be moved to the official proposal category by the forum moderators. Once there, use the heart (like) button to officially sign a proposal. You can sign as many proposals as you like.

A signature means you support the proposal moving forward to the vote. It does not necessarily mean you yourself would vote for it.

Proposals need 3% of all forum participants to sign them to move to the referendum stage.

In the referendum stage, proposals which receive support from at least 15% of all forum participants will move forward to a vote. If fewer than three proposals receive 15% support, the top three will move forward.

The DAI vote will be considered advisory and non-binding. This is because we still need to seek legal opinion on what the DAO can actually do. This area of law is new and constantly updating. Once we have legal approval, we’ll return to the DAO for the next stage of the governance process.


12th October - Discussion phase begins
14th October - DAI proposals can be made official
18th October - Discussion phase ends, Referendum phase begins
19th October - Referendum phase ends, Vote phase begins (after 2hr setup pause)
21st October - Vote phase ends


There are up to 50,000 HOPR tokens available as incentives during this experiment. Tokens will be awarded for meaningful contributions, which includes creating and liking posts and creating and signing valid proposals. There are also HOPR Boost NFTs available, in four different ranks.

The vote phase does not have a token incentive, but everyone who votes will receive at least a Bronze rank NFT.


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