READ THIS FIRST: HOPR DAO v0.3 Topic, Rules, Timelines, and Incentives

Welcome to the third HOPR DAO governance experiment! The topic for this experiment is:

What dApps, tools, and/or services would you like to see built on top of the HOPR protocol?

Procedure and Timeline

As usual, this is a three phase process:

  • PHASE 1 DISCUSSION: Users discuss the governance topic and create and refine proposals. Proposals are assessed as valid, invalid, or incomplete by the moderators. Valid proposals proceed to Phase 2.
  • PHASE 2 REFERENDUM: Users “sign” any proposals from Phase 1 which they believe deserve to be put to a vote. Proposals which receive sufficient signatures move to Phase 3.
  • PHASE 3 VOTE: All token holders can vote on their preferred proposal which qualified from Phase 2.

Full descriptions of each phase will be available in the forum as the experiment proceeds.


  • Phase 1: Discussion 10–16 March
  • Phase 2: Referendum 16–17 March
  • Phase 3: Vote 17–19 March

Changes from Previous Experiments

Based on user feedback and our own internal analysis, we’ve made some changes to the process this time round. The primary issue we identified was that participants were incentivized to make valid proposals as quickly as possible, which were then functionally locked. This reduced discussion and updating of proposals, and penalized people who took a slower and more thoughtful approach. To address this, we’ve made the following changes.

  • No proposals will be assessed for validity for the first 24hrs
  • Proposals will not be moved into a separate category until the start of the referendum phase; editing and updating of valid proposals will be possible for the entire discussion phase.
  • “Likes” gathered during the discussion phase will not count as referendum signatures. All proposals will start at 0 signatures during the referendum phase.
  • Proposals will only be marked as valid after sign off from a member of the tech team.


As with the previous DAO experiments, there are both token rewards and NFTs available for participating. Up to 50,000 HOPR tokens are available for this experiment, with the amount growing depending on the number of participants. Four ranks of NFTs are available. A hybrid system of data plugins and moderator assessments are used to determine participation levels.

There are no token rewards for participating in the vote stage, but every voter will receive a bronze NFT, if they aren’t eligible for a higher ranked one from their forum activity.

Please make sure you have updated the NFT Address field in your profile, as we use this to distribute NFTs and token rewards.

There have been some small adjustments to the incentive scheme this time around. Most notable, 10% of the prize fund will be allocated at the discretion of the HOPR tech team.

The full incentive scheme can be found here.