READ THIS FIRST: Phase 2: Referendum

Welcome to Phase 2 of the HOPR DAO Experiment v0.3. Phase 2 is the referendum, where people sign proposals they think deserve to make it through to Phase 3, the token vote.

Please read through the official proposals and sign any which you support by clicking the like (heart) button under the post. To view all 17 proposals at a glance, visit this link: DA0 v0.3 Proposals - HOPR Community Forum

IMPORTANT: Only likes under the official proposal count. Likes from the original discussion thread are ignored in this phase.

To proceed to the next phase, a proposal must be signed by at least 10% of active DAO participants. That figure will grow during the course of the referendum, so the threshold for success will also increase. We’ll keep you updated in Telegram with the current figures. If fewer than three proposals reach the threshold, the three proposals with the most signatures will proceed to the vote.

The Referendum runs from 2pm CET March 16th to 12pm CET March 17th. The vote will begin at 2pm CET March 17th, on Snapshot.