Receiving HOPR DAO v0.2 Rewards

Remember: If you participated in our HOPR DAO v0.2, you need to submit your wallet address by Monday 12 p.m. CET in your forum profile.

To do this, go to the user menu (1), then select your user account (2) and “Preferences” (3).

In the Preferences menu, select “Profile” (4), and then scroll down until you see the “DAO address” field and the “NFT address” field (5). Fill in those and our automated incentive calculator will be able to include your forum contributions in the payout calculations.

Like our testnet bounties and other promotions, rewards will be distributed as wxHOPR tokens on xDAI Chain via the distributor widget. You’ll need to submit an address that can interact with the widget smart contract. A Metamask address is fine, but exchange and HOPR node addresses won’t work.