Referendum proposal signing rules

We’re now in the referendum phase. This phase will run until 2pm on Sunday 23rd May.

Proposal making is now locked, proposals which did not meet the 3% support threshold (6 likes) have been removed. Please read the remaining 9* proposals and click the like (heart) button to sign any you support.

Your support signifies that you think the proposal is worthy of going forward to a vote, please don’t just vote for your favourite (unless there really is only one proposal you think is any good).

Proposals which have support from over 20% of participants will advance to the next stage. There are currently 170 active participants, so proposals need 34 likes. This will grow as more people join and sign. I’ll post regular updates of the threshold.

If fewer than three proposals meet the threshold, the top three proposals will advance.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion phase, particularly those who contributed proposals.

Please note that Proposals 2 and 8 will be combined at the request of the authors. Supporting either will count as support for this joint proposal. (This is why there are 9 proposals, not 10)