Refine Pulling Funds From Your Node

Backstory: Upon purchasing and receiving the Avado in late December 2020-early January 2021, I opened the hopr dApp and excitedly initiating the node. After digging into the the node’s log messages requesting funds, I believed the network was operational. Unfortunately, it was not and the message were invalid. Trusting the messages I sent the requested eth and then some.

Breakdown of the problem: One could say this was a user error by not researching more thoroughly the progress of the project. But I disagree, the eth was permanently lost due in part to a two-fold set of complications which were: (#1) noncurrent/invalid hopr application messages and (#2) a complicated method by which to withdraw funds, users must querie the balance and estimate fees using the “withdraw [amount] [native / hopr] [address]” commands.

Suggestion for a Resolution on problem #2: First, have a memory cache of the host owner’s wallet address based on the last funding transaction–which the dApp can access to perform a fire-escape command function. Using the command, node operators experiencing network or node problems will be able to immediately cashout and allow peace of mind to further evaluate the problem and apply a fix as warranted, or reinstall the node application package without the loss of the node’s locked balance.

I noticed another user complaining in the chat about sending the wrong tokens mistakenly to their node address, xhopr.