Remote node access

Just discovered HOPR and I’m so excited by it! So much so that today I’ve been setting up a Raspberry Pi I’ve had lying around.

I’m running it headless, accessing it only via ssh from my desktop. I’ve opened port 3000 on the Pi’s firewall, but I still get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when connecting via <Pi’s network IP>:3000 in my desktop browser. This is my first node (for anything), so it’s entirely possible I’ve missed something obvious…

I found the solution on the Discord:

ssh -L 3000:localhost:3000 pi@<ip-of-pi> to create a tunnel. Then you can visit localhost:3000 from your computer.

Hello, I am glad you found a way. Yes to be able to check node UI on your local browser, you will need to use SSH tunnel. Basic usage is: ssh -L 3000: root@<VPS ip address>