Request: Adjust user commands for intuitive and streamlined use

This issue pertains to executing commands for HOPR. Case point example is during last month’s community call where speaker Jose had trouble opening and funding a channel. I had the exact same problem. Inputting the desired 2nd party node and allocating funding in the same command line is confusing and not very specific as to spacing and placement, even when following the HOPR command guide. If a user interface will not be made, please separate commands to different lines–each with a prompt for the requested parameter.

I agree with you, the interface is quite lacking. However, I wouldn’t make it so that every parameter would be asked for separately, that’s a bit annoying for power users.

Instead, I would just add better auto-complete so that discovering commands is easier. Further, as soon as the first word of the line is typed in, it would popup up a small window that explains in which order the parameter need to be added and what they mean.