***Rules and instructions*** Read these first!


At each hop, there are two chances to win: a quiz question at www.hoprnet.org/win, and a harder challenge here on the forum.

To enter a quiz question, submit your answer on the website and press Submit to generate a tweet. A random winner will be selected for each destination on February 25th. Each winner will get 5,000 HOPR tokens.

To enter a forum challenge, solve each puzzle at it appears and submit your answer as a reply to the thread. The first correct answer for each challenge wins 5,000 HOPR tokens.

To win the grand prize, find the clues to the hidden eleventh destination hidden throughout the forum puzzles. Tweet the co-ordinates of this destination to @hoprnet along with the hashtag #HOPRlaunch. The first correct answer will win the grand prize: 10,000 HOPR tokens and a trip for two to Switzerland*

If no-one has tweeted the correct coordinates by 14:00 CET on February 25th, the prize will be awarded to the closest guess.

Multiple entries are allowed, but spammers will be disqualified. The answers are all unambiguous. If I think you’re just guessing, I may ask you to justify your answer. In the event of a dispute, the game master’s ruling (me) is final!

*Trip includes two economy tickets, six nights of hotel accommodation, a visit to the HOPR offices in Zurich and two tickets on the Jungfrau railway. We realize there’s a pandemic, and we’ll work with the winner to find a time that’s safe and responsible.