Setup Hopr node on a Raspberry Pi

Hi there!
Anyone around here who tried installing the node on a RPi or who can share some thoughts about Debian installation in 32-bit based systems? Also experiences with a 64-bit (e.g. RPi 4B) would be appreciated :slight_smile:


This is definitely going to be my node option. Looking into Raspberry Pi options now. They are pretty cheap.

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Yes they are! Let us keep up to date about any progress ;)

Hi, I’ve been running a Raspberry Pi node for a few days now. I have the 3B+ model which comes with 1GB RAM and a Cortex-A53 CPU. I’m running it on the official Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit.

HOPR recommends at least 2GB of RAM for a node, but for now my Pi node uses between 100MB - 130MB tops, even after days. Also CPU usage is usually low, spiking up only to 50% max (of one core, that is). This all may of course change as soon as the network grows, cover traffic starts, or staking starts. We’ll see.

The only issue I had is that it wouldn’t open any channels on its own, even when promiscuous mode was enabled. I was able to manually open channels though.

One thing to watch out for is the HOPR log file gobbling up all disk space. Sometimes it writes 20MB in a day, other times 500MB in a day. I only had a 4 GB card laying around, that made the whole setup a bit difficult, I recommend at least 8GB.