Slight Delay to Next Puzzles

Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay to today’s update, which was also due to mark the start of Season 2 (higher % NFTs, previous winners can win again).

I’ve been quite ill since Monday and still need to make some checks before the update can go live. Hopefully it will be this evening, but it might end up being tomorrow (September 30th).

I’ll also be checking some of the queries about Puzzle #5, although I’m 99% sure it’s correct.

Thanks for all the kind comments and good luck with unearthing The Treasure!

Thanks for your patience! The next puzzle is now available.

This is the first puzzle in Season 2, which will run for the next four weeks. Winners from Season 1 are now eligible to win NFTs again. Season 2 NFTs come with an increased boost % (this will continue to increase with each Season).

Good luck!