SOS send beacon and record everything

a safe app where the user can share location with trusted guardians, in the event of an emergency the user can press an SOS button and send a beacon with location to the guardians, and also chose to record voice video snap shots and send directly to guardians or a server of choice which can be live streamed if needed. Maybe there could be added functionality to release information or documents if the user does not check in. Please share your thoughts on this. I think it could be another way to bring mass adoption to people who would not normally think about privacy. I think it could be used effectively against not just bad citizens but also people in authority like police abusing power.

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Great idea @Lumenous
IoT is a very intresting niche for using Hopr protocol. We got one proposal for IoT - IoT home security cameras - #11 by Emmerson_Biggins
Can you describe more detailed what app or apps we can upgrade with Hopr?

This would be a dapp a person can put on there phone, to be a whiteness and an alert if the person finds them self in a troublesome situation, Could be especially useful for walking alone at night, police interactions things like that. Just a way to hold people accountable, deter violent situation, protect your self from false claims. But we want to be able to keep this data private while its being transferred to a remote location. Did that answer the question?

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Thank you for answer @Lumenous
That is amazing usecase.

Thank you for the proposal. If you’d like to make this official, please amend the post title to include “[Proposal]”