Strong Cloud Hopr (SCH)

In the digital world, the most important thing is personal data, your computer, phone is the whole world that we protect and do not want the data to get to third parties. My idea is to create a completely isolated personal data storage system that could be used in connection with a computer/phone and the cloud.
They are protected from hacking, anonymous and not subject to any sanctions.
We can charge payment for using the system with Hopr tokens.


This is a great idea! In the digital world, where people are trying to block and steal data, this offer will be able to help a lot of users.

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We would need to host on multiple data center’s, from multiple companies to ensure its fully decentralized to prevent hacking which is one of the main concerns with cloud computing IMHO. Great idea, its like a decentralized Dropbox.

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Thanks for the suggestion, this would need a lot more information to be a valid proposal. If you’d like to expand it, please check out the validity requirements here.