Suggestion: 3 chains 4 Dex

Uniswap 40%,

  • because there are large trading volumes. Because Eth will sooner or later switch to proof of stake, transaction fees will stabilize. Eth is a project with a great future. There are many projects in the network, I hope Hopr will cooperate with them in the future.

PancakeSwap 40%

  • because there are large trading volumen. Transaction speed and low commissions in the Network , which makes it possible to buy tokens for small amounts.

Binance Dex 10%,

  • description of the causes in a separate topic.

Honeyswap 10%,

  • only 10% because of small trading volumes. Hopr is already on this network.

P.S.: We have to keep most of it on liquid exchanges. We must be mindful of diversification. We should use networks with low commissions.


I would supplement this proposal with the fact that there should be equal in terms of volume pools Hopr/Dai, Hopr/USDT, HOPR/ETH

Should there be equal pairs for each of the pools?