Suggestion: 40% Uniswap V3, 20% SushiSwap, 20% PancakeSwap and 20% Honeyswap

I think the suggestions in the forum are great and I try to make my small contribution. I am a newbie here and hope that I can comply with the rules & bring up something new.

What should be formulated more strongly so far is which immediate and which long-term goal should be achieved with the DEX selection. I see the advantage of the division above all that different participants (especially in the size) can be addressed and thus suitable DEX can be offered. Also, there are different reasons behind to participate in HOPR. These reasons have to be addressed (& marketed). In summary, there are the Whales, the well-informed “small” amount participant and the intuitive HOPR Lover. These three differ in terms of fees, access and ease of handling.

If you move larger volumes, Uniswap works really well and the new V3 has shown a lot in the last two weeks. If it continues with this momentum, I believe it will soon become the top DEX on Ethereum. It offers optimal conditions for Whales and should therefore be in. Suggestion: HOPR/ETH.

The DEX should be designed for smaller amounts and address two different types here. Both types are necessary to enable true decentralization and democracy. I find these two pillars super important as values, but also as marketing tools - as they are fully thought through and implemented only in a very few Blockchain projects.

The first type, is the well-informed participant. Here, fees are the core element. The access and handling may be elaborate, in the technical sense and also certain knowhow may be conditioned - but the fees simply have to be attractive, even for small amounts.
Here I would suggest Honeyswap, because it gains momentum and you can stay directly on the xDAI blockchain. And we need more liquidity on Honeyswap to enable a bit bigger buys than currently possible. Suggestion: xHOPR/xDAI.

For the second type, it should appeal to more intuitive and broader-based crypto investors . Here, the project must convince quickly and then, above all, access to the DEX as easily as possible and the swap must happen as easy as possible. I would spontaneously think of PancakeSwape, since access via Binance and BSC is easy. As I understand it, it requires Binance Bridge use. The advantage comes from an easy access via CEX like Binance to BNB. Suggestion: HOPR/BNB.
(Correct me here please…?).

And finally SushiSwap. It attracts large mass of different investors, I have the feeling it is also a bit more efficient in pricing and is second largest DEX. Suggestion: HOPR/DAI.

Overall, I find it important that the selection of DEX fits the 3 types outlined and that they are being addressed individually, because the decisive reasons for use are really different.

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