Suggestion: Include reporting in proposals

I asked this question in the threads for each proposal, but I wanted to raise it here as well: What kind of reporting will the liquidity managers provide to the DAO, and on what schedule?

I’d like to see both proposals include details about the reporting they intend to provide. Periodic updates would be fantastic, but a detailed report at the end of the agreement period would be acceptable.

What do others think? Do you think reporting is important? If so, what would you like to see and how often?


I completely agree with you. We definitely need data to compare the performances.

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Gamma answered this in another thread:

@barbarossa_Arrakis, Can we get (roughly) the same from you?


Completely agree with the mindset here and likely, I would be agreeable to tip-toeing into both proposals and let the data guide our path forward.

I’d be satisfied with reports and records to be reviewed following every 2 weeks which I’d posted with both proposals.

We, as the community DAO, would be able to compare records with Uniswap’s trade data. Hopr Team could review any of the more private info such as if there is a wallet address washing sales in a particular protocol suspiciously increasing fee generation (padding success numbers). Any rebalancing should correlate with Uniswap’s price and exchange volume. Exchange volume allocations and activity in the reports should match Uniswap’s trend graph for the pool at the advertised market price points.

For my day-job, reviewing metrics on a weekly or biweekly basis is a lot easier to chew vs once a month or greater when comparing shifts and trends to validate performance. It also makes it easier to spot inconsistencies when subsequent reports don’t match up which is something we wouldn’t get with a single end report at trial term or term completion.

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@thewanderingeditor I had forgotten if I’d hearted jbradach’s suggestion, which I’d done previously, but it won’t let me re add the heart after accidently removing it and I’d like to add it back

yes - more data is better

Good suggestion. Not everyone during voting would come on forum and check information posted here.

Yes, we can provide the similar set of things as well :+1:

Thanks @barbarossa_Arrakis Could you also confirm if you would charge a full years (1% of AUM) management fee if we ran a trial and decided after 3 or 6 months to end the relationship, as opposed to a pro-rata charge for the time served?