Testnet participants to get whitelisted with their wallets only

Testnet participants to get whitelisted with their wallets only, would be fair enough as they did amazing job already participating in project development. Instead of bunch of flippers that will only kill the project.

While I’m one of those participants and would love nothing more than get full access, I think that’s detrimental to the project in the end. A compromise should be reached that can offer sufficient market dillution while still rewarding the early participants (lets also be honest, the testnet rewards are nothing compared to this distribution, but at the same time we didn’t really have to do that much to participate in the testnets, the team did most of the work to offer easy enough onboarding even for less techy people).


is it possible to partisipate to genesis dao anymore?

do not agree on that

Basadino v1 participants in the top 3 got 15k - 40k tokens.
This is a lot, compared to the 16k you can buy in phase 1.
Basadino v2 winner got 6k, which is still a nice amount to get the average token price down from pre-sale.
and I’m pretty happy with the amount I will get from the testnet, and I was far away from Top10 (in all the testnet) .

You’re talking about just a few people. I’m not even sure of what tokens I’ll be getting from the testnet, since the team has not published rewards from anything after Basodino (or did they?)

They were an even distribution after Basodino, we didn’t create leaderboards or rankings past this point.

I know that but the number of participants + allocated total reward wasn’t posted either, so I still don’t know what I’d get from those to take that into account for the upcoming sale. And still no news on how many tokens are required to run a node on mainnet.

Plus I wouldn’t say I’m sure I was taken into account for each testnet as I’ve seen people that complained their addresses were lost on the Telegram channel. Just because I got into the DAO doesn’t mean everything was counted fine in all the relevant testnets.

What I’m trying to say, since you took the time to respond here, is that we need more info posted on all these subjects before it becomes a done deal.

Yes, I understand, we had a website showing points-per-testnet but the last update to it was Basodino, the #s exist in a sheet though and are well accounted for, but I agree we should approach making a way so the individual can have access to that info as well. Probably checking against their submitted ETH addresses as that is the determinative info at the end of the day.