The Final HOP: Lacus Spei (43.0 N, 65.0 E) [SOLVED!]

After a long and eventful day, you prepare for the final hop. You’re struck by a sudden worry that the SF tech bros will follow you. After all, they’re not known for their data privacy, and they have all the metadata for your journey so far…

That’s when you realise… Good old HOPR! The metadata has been obscured! That’s why you’ve felt so out of place all day, except when you were in Switzerland. Although you realise in this instance the way it’s been obscured does reveal your final location, if you have the right password to decrypt it…

But of course you do, and you’ve had it at every HOPRrtunity.

You arrive at your destination. You’re not sure what you were expecting, but it’s breath-taking. After a day of puzzles and puns and wondering where on earth you’d end up, it couldn’t be more fitting.

[Thanks everyone for playing! I hope you enjoyed it. To enter the final puzzle, tweet the co-ordinates of the final hop to @hoprnet with the hashtag #HOPRlaunch.

Winners for the first ten hops and the quiz raffle will be contacted over the next few days. I hope to see you for more games soon.



@hoprnet 20.9N, 43.25E

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@hoprnet 63.6N, 35.4E

Sydney, AU -35.32, 151.20!

47.12N, 7.99E Willisau, CH

Не сюда писать же надо!!!

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are we to assume that the coordinates are definitely in the “N” and “E” hemispheres?

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Honolulu, 21.3N, -157.8W

Good point. Regardless of whether that’s a good deduction or not, I’m not sure I want people making it via a thread title. Thanks!

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Just a quick question: when and how will we know if the answer has been found? Will it be only at the end of the time limit or will it be announced as early as there’s a confirmed winner?

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27.5792° N, 29.2080° E Al Farafra Desert, New Valley Governorate, Egypt

72°27′ 12’’ northern latitude
40°30′ 04" west longitude

45.5017° N, 73.5673° W

my answer is MOON!!!

@hoprnet 46.548 N 7.98 E

Interlaken 46°40′59″ 7°51′59″

46° 32′ 51″N, 7° 58′ 56″E - Jungfraujoch

@hoprnet 46.7 N, 7.85 E

Toronto, 43.6° N, 79.3° W

Paris 48,85341°N, 2,34880°E.