The Rabbit's Scroll

Time Instruction
October 29th 1972 2:30am Move every letter in the message forward 10
February 29th 1700 1am What happened to all the Zs? Someone took my Zs! Bring them back, and replace the penultimate letter of the message with a Z
April 17th 1932 2:30am Repeat the instruction you performed three before this one. Then repeat the instruction two before that.
September 11th 1753 1pm Change the seventh letter to be the same as the first vowel in the message
September 13th 1752 3pm Move the third and fourth letters forward one
November 31st 1605 2pm Move every letter in the message forward three.
September 14th 1752 2pm Replace every Q with an R! Replace every C with an I
January 1st 1800 1am Replace the message with a one-word anagram of the message
April 18th 1942 3:30am Change the sixth letter in the message to equal the third
March 32nd 2001 6pm Swap the ninth and seventh letters
2021 1st September 12:59 pm Move the seventh letter back eight.
February 29th 1900 2pm Remove all Cs, Fs, and Xs from the alphabet! Bring back Vs!
March 1st 1995 4pm Replace every Q and H with an O
April 15th 1912 3pm Change the third consonant in the message to a D
April 31st 1952 5pm Reverse the first six letters in the message
September 12th 1752 4pm Repeat the instruction before the last one you did!
1st September 1521 1pm Open the envelope, read the message. Follow our royal instructions as directed.
February 29th 1963 7am Move every letter in the message forward two
February 30th 1986 7pm Move the last six letters forward three. Then move the last letter back one.
April 16th 1922 4pm Change the first vowel in the message to the next one in the alphabet. Then do it again.
February 29th 1600 10am The alphabet is too complicated! Expunge J, K, V, W, Y and Z immediately.
March 3rd 1905 6pm Swap the fifth letter with the fourth! Swap the ninth letter with the eighth!