The Vote Topic, and Some Context

The first topic for discussion and vote is:

How should the funds in the Uniswap DAI-HOPR pool, which were placed there by the Genesis DAO after the HOPR launch, be distributed among decentralized exchanges?

Some brief context, from our blog:

The original Genesis DAO vote only covered the launch procedure and didn’t give much thought to the medium term. This was fine, as it’s important that governance decisions be narrow to avoid becoming overwhelming. The original proposal did provide liquidity

The launch was a success, resulting in 17,955,067 DAI and 18,016,003 HOPR tokens in the Balancer pool. The Genesis DAO then transferred these funds to Uniswap, receiving 17,985,508 of UNI-V2 liquidity tokens in exchange. At the time of writing, these tokens are worth $26m, so there’s a lot at stake here.

This proved a very good decision after launch, but now it’s time to use those funds more effectively and efficiently. The HOPR Farm is going from strength to strength, so moving funds out of Uniswap won’t leave the token in the lurch.

But it’s one thing to decide to move the liquidity, another to find an optimal distribution.

Which DEXs should we move to? On which chains? Which token pairs should be covered? In what distribution?

That’s what you will need to decide on.

i think elrond chain is good and very fast and decentrilized so they are very good technical team you should be go with mair elrond dex or anotjer is binance dex on smartchainnow it depend on it and their technical cordination thats all

I’m not sure we currently have enough information to make an informed decision on this, do we? This is a utility token that currently runs on the xDAI chain. Are there plans to utilize other chains? If its going to continue to run on xDAI and its put on other chains, will there be an easy way to convert? xDAI isn’t exactly the most crosschain friendly option around. I know I’ve seen talk of different chains, but is that part of this decision?