Top 10 dex

I suggest placing liquidity in the top 10 decentralized exchanges in proportion to their total volume. Thus, HOPR will reach more new potential speculators and will be more accessible to a wide range of users.
I think it is worth choosing a pair of HORP/ETH, since most users already have ETH on their balance sheet to pay commissions and do not have to do unnecessary manipulations with swaps, which will be convenient.

10 DEXs would fragment the liquidity a bit too much I think. A proposal can have a maximum of 5 DEXs involved to be valid.

ETH related fees tend to be discouraging especially for those users who may be acquiring few amounts of Hopr.

And why not the top 7 or the top 12?

Aggree. There’s no objective reason to be listed on every possible Dex

This will reach more users. Each site has its own fans. Of course, you shouldn’t be scattered on all exchanges, but on the top ones you can.

top 10 - sounds cool