Total migration to the new network

Please write what you think about the possibility of a total migration of the Hopr token to another network.


I think we must wait for the official announcement about production (node staking) blockchain (xDai?) and after then we must migrate our token contract to this network. The main HOPR token contract must be in the same blockchain with HORP funcionality.

Maybe we’d better migrate to Bsc20?

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I remember that HOPR broke the BSC network during on of last tests and the whole event got canceled. I don’t know if BSC has improved since but I would not migrate to it.

Which network do you prefer, or just don’t change anything?

Unfortunately I am just a blockchain enthusiast and not that knowledgable. But from what I know there is a project called Moonbeam on Polkadot that offers seamless migration for projects written for ETH to DOT. Since HOPR was made on ETH if it is true it would be easy to migrate to DOT and enjoy lower fees.

But if HOPR can work just fine on xDAI that I don’t know if the migration is necessary.

Big bridging fees from Eth to DOT? You can create a separate topic about this project. I think this will be a useful topic for our community.

I don’t now about the bridging fees. I have some PSWAP to claim but I am postponing it until the ETH gas gets lower.

Thanks for the suggestion but there was already a similar topic in the governance section so I have added my part about the Moonbeam there.

I’m positive about migration. Not Bsc, ofc, but Avalanche/Solana/Fantom/Vite or Polygon(Matic) - there are many proper alternatives


Why not Bsc?

I recall that Sebastian once explained why it is absolutely crucial to have the hopr network be deployed on top of a very large, very stable and widely used blockchain. So much that temporarily moving it to xDAI was a hard decision and the long term goal would still be – and has to be – to run it on Ethereum.

Does anyone remember this? It may have been on Telegram or in a Medium post. I think he even specifically mentioned why BSC is an absolute no-go.

Honestly, why shouldn’t hopr be running on the largest smart contract blockchain in existence? Anything smaller than that would negatively impact the project. I’m aware of the current gas fees, however, that is merely the situation today and is very likely to improve with Ethereum 2.0. hopr can’t afford to jump from blockchain to blockchain, chasing lower gas prices or whatever is considered the new fancy thing. If one day another chain is comparably large, then this can be brought up.

Well, as mentioned above, we ruined it during testnet, imagine what working Hoprnet will do to BSC. You can see yourself that Bsc experiencing troubles lately

Other networks are more suitable for Hopr:

  1. Vite - 0 fees Dag, 1 sec block(snapshot), scalable, same smart contract language as eth
  2. Solana - just very fast, scalable, near to 0 fees
  3. Matic - scalable enough L2
  4. Avalanche - my choice #1. Sub 1 second finality Dag with near to 0 tx cost on native chain. Moreover, you can easily create your own subnetwork with your own subset of validators. Basically it will be your own chain (with own blackjack and hookers, if you know what i mean😉). Its, basically, what Polkadot trying to do, but it’s just working. Right here, right now. With more than 900 validators working, if I’m not mistaken. So this network serve only your own needs - very important for ‘cover traffic’ micropayments, imho

There were some good articles why 2.0 won’t improve it that much.
And, imho, the best solution for Hopr would kind of own chain or modern chain. Eth will not be suitable for purposes that include micropayments, etc…See my post above

Can you link to those articles? I would be very interested. From what I understand the gas prices are currently high because Ethereum is hitting the maximum TPS that the network can support. Ethereum 2.0 will solve that and therefore it should improve the gas prices. I might be wrong, but at least some articles I found support this claim, for example: How Ethereum 2.0 Will Address Gas Issues and Enable Dai and DeFi to Scale

As far as BSC is concerned, we didn’t ruin it as a blockchain. The only thing we ruined was the provider (the API server) that the hopr nodes were connecting to, and that was due to some miscommunication between hopr and Binance (we basically DDOSed them without them being prepared for it). If a proper provider is used, then this won’t be an issue. But maybe I misunderstood it.

Also I’m not sure why Ethereum wouldn’t be suitable for micropayments. Are you referring to the probabilistic micro-payment channels as they are outlined in the Book of hopr?

Matic or Avalanche is a good idea. I prefer L2 more than move to the new chain.

You are partly right.
But it seems to me that he said this a long time ago, and now the Bcs network is a completely different network.
It would be interesting to know why the team put forward this particular topic?

Why exactly L2? Please explain your choice.

I don’t believe there will be Eth 2.0 this year. There is also doubt whether in 2022 there will be.

The problem is that our society is not very tech-savvy.

I was surprised why the team does not provide at least some basic data. So that people can sort it out a little. And made the right decisions

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