Twitter Space 9th May 4pm CEST

The Twitter Space for this proposal can be found here:

It will be held at 4pm CEST on May 9th. If you can’t attend you’ll be able to listen to the recording.

We’ll be discussing the proposal and some of the context around it, along with addressing many of the questions in the main thread.

If you have any additional questions please post them here.

You can also post them in Telegram or the Space itself during the event.



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1 hour long chat and no summary notes for the highlights…

That big news for this change in plans. The next question is in what way will these shares or convertibles be materialized, such as a new token maybe.

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Will share some notes later for those who couldn’t join. In the meantime, the recording is available at the link above for anyone who would like to listen.


I was present, to see if one day I dare to ask something :)

To establish a stock company reminds me of another swiss crypto project. They launched their Series A round on their own launchpad. Every member was able to invest small amounts, before most institutional investors had the chance.

Could something similarly be done with the “HOPR rise holding AG”, give the community the chance to invest at an very early stage?

Dear @lau.thomas great you’re bringing it up. We discussed this last week to give such opportunity to ppl like you who are interested from the community and also employees of HOPR. BUT investing into companies with shares, means ppl cannot remain anonymous. What is your take on this?

Hello @rikzrh
Thanks for your answer. I’m happy to learn, you had the same thing in mind. But, to be honest, the anonymous part did not cross my mind. I’m used to invest in stocks and crypto, so I reveal my identity on a regular basis, so no big deal for me. But surly it’s a big issue for others.

Let me think about it, maybe others will join the “discussion”.

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