Twitter Space: Monday 14th 6pm CEST

Hi everyone. Thanks for the great engagement so far. We’ll be hosting a Twitter Space at 6pm CEST to discuss the context behind the current proposal. Sorry for any time zone confusion: some messages said 5pm CEST.

We’ll be going over most of the issues covered in the FAQ thread, addressing the extra questions you’ve raised and providing initial information about the further proposals (governance process parameters and separate governance platform)

Full disclosure: I’m currently quite sick and may not be able to talk much. One or both founders will be joining and also hopefully one of our legal advisors. If I can’t fully engage we’ll host an additional space once I’m better.

Everyone is welcome to join and ask questions. The recording will be available afterwards and hopefully a transcript / high level summary.

I hope everyone can join and participate in this fascinating and important topic. This has been my main focus for the past few months and it’s amazing to finally share it with you all.


Thanks to everyone who attended! If you missed it you can hear the recording at the same link:

As well as community members, there were also some prominent attendees from legal crypto twitter who seem enthusiastic about our proposed setup. We’ll be engaging with them this week to hear their feedback.