Uni 40%, pancake, 20%, raydium 10%,quickswap 10%,honeyswap 20%

  1. uni v3 - 40% The most popular exchanger. It is necessary to transfer liquidity to v.3. Many advantages over v.2
  2. pancake v2 - 20% There are also a lot of users. Fast and cheap translations. Access to a lot of defi tools
  3. raydium - 10% A fast-growing network with growing volumes. Fast and cheap
  4. quickswap - 10% The same as the above
  5. honeyswap - 20% A good exchanger is more necessary technically to maintain output input and start hopr nodes

I think that so many supported networks and exchangers are more than enough. At the same time, each will be supported with sufficient liquidity for the initial placement.


What about the pairs?

It’s time to move away from high commissions in such networks as solana.

it seems to me that there is no need to split liquidity so much across different dex. I think this may negatively affect.

Split liquidity across different dex seems hard to balance with native token(eth, sol, bnb), so I think the hopr-DAI pair best meets the needs

Your opinion is very reasonable, but solana has a very high impact. Maybe we could move away in the future?

why? Is there any reason?