Unscheduled HOP: Merch!

Hi everyone. Hope you’re enjoying the puzzles and the wider launch event.

HOPR co-founder Rik asked me to share that we have some HOPR merch to give away. If anyone would like a sweet HOPR hat or one of our “One hop closer to the moon” patches, leave a comment here and we can post you some. (Not sure how many people would be interested, but if we’re oversubscribed we’ll do a raffle.)

It’s free, including postage, but obviously you would have to share some sort of real world details like name and address with us to get a delivery, so don’t say yes unless you’re cool with that. We really do take privacy seriously.

I think we need to keep the flag, sadly.


I’d love one, thats awesome!

I am in :slight_smile:

ye, would love to! great idea!

I’d love some merch thanks!

Count me In, thats a lovely hat :smiley:

Awesome! How to get one? :smiley:

Thanks! I would like to have some!

I’d love HOPR merch, would be great if it Hoodies, white T shirt and Hat :smile: thanks!

Would be great if I can show your stuff in my city Saint-Petersburg, wanna get some!:)
Where I need to send other details? :star_struck:

Need this hat, our winters are cold)

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Would love that! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m in guys! I’d like to have it

Sure I want that :) thanks

Looks awesome! I would like to get one for myself :)

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Ho. I want that. I’m in.

My gf like it. Can we have one?

Absolutely would love a hat!

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I’m in too!!!