UPDATE: Community Call New Time

Hi everyone. Sorry for the short notice, but the planned community call will need to be postponed for around 24hrs. The new time is 5pm CEST August 22nd.

I’m sick and not really sure I can talk about complicated legal stuff for an hour right now. And the founders are busy on pre-arranged calls. Tomorrow I will hopefully be better, and if not one of the founders can step in.

We’ll be talking about:

  • Updates from our legal advisors
  • The governance processes and parameters
  • The planned new governance platform

The call will take place on Discord: hoprnet

Everyone is welcome. This is a new format based on a successful call I joined with the SafeDAO team. I hope people will feel more comfortable contributing than on Twitter Spaces, which have a very different vibe.

Of course, we’re a privacy project, so there’s no pressure to contribute via voice. If you have questions but don’t want to speak, or can’t join the call at that time, feel free to leave them here.