Vote conclusion and next steps

The vote over at Snapshot has finished. Thanks to everyone who voted! Each proposal received between 150 and 250 votes, so we’re still hitting our well-above average governance rates, which is great to see.

All thirteen proposals passed, so we’ll now move to the next stage of setting up the community trust.

The first step will be to pass these results to our legal advisors so they can finish the registration of the trust and make sure the trust’s purpose properly reflects our intent, which is that the trustees are obliged to follow these governance rules (so long as the proposals created are legal).

I expect this will take around 3-4 more weeks. In addition to establishing the optimal wording for the trust purpose, we also need to set up the purpose trust company which will act as a trustee. This requires quite a lot of KYC and registration work for the directors of this entity (part of the advantage of this setup is that it shifts all the KYC burden to here, so community members don’t need to jump through the same hoops).

Once this is all done, we’ll move ahead with the first governance cycle under Guardrail Mode, which will be the establishment of an Emergency Council comprising multiple community members.

Really excited to embark on this governance journey with all of you.