Vote is now live!

The vote is now live. Please visit Snapshot and vote on all five proposals. (Links below link to the original discussions, not the final versions for voting.)

Thanks for the amazingly constructive discussion. Based on the points raised, the following changes have been made.

Proposal #1 is unchanged.

Proposal #2 has increased liquidity of 250k, based on general enthusiasm for this.

Proposal #3 has a reduced amount of $250,000 based on concerns about the slow rollout of Gnosis Chain support.

Proposal #4 also has a reduced amount of $250,000 due to concerns about the risk.

Proposal 5 is new. It’s a supplemental proposal to Proposal #2, again based on the general enthusiasm for that proposal. It will only pass if BOTH Proposal #2 and Proposal #5 are accepted.

The vote will run until Sunday 10th July 5pm CEST. Votes will be counted quadratically. Almost all HOPR tokens count towards your vote power, regardless of chain and whether they’re staked or not. The only exceptions are tokens in exchanges (which we can’t see on chain) or tokens locked in liquidity pools (which would require an additional strategy and Snapshot only has limited strategy slots - based on our current analysis this doesn’t affect many people).

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