Vote Update: Voting delayed for 24hrs

From @SCBuergel:

:wave: Hi all
Sorry for the last minute change: we’ve had to delay the voting until tomorrow 2pm CEST. We discovered an issue that led us to delaying this crucial phase of our DAO v0.1 in order to provide a fair chance to all HOPR token holders to participate.

:thinking: Some background:
We want to significantly lower the barriers of participating in a DAO. Some DAOs have very complicated processes (e.g. MakerDAO) where you first need to create a voting vault which is really expensive in gas and then make another transaction for voting. At HOPR we do not just want to make it cheap to vote (NO gas fees because voting on Snapshot page is entirely off-chain) but we also do not want to interfere with the DeFi money legos that we’re playing with (Uniswap, HOPR Farm, xDAI bridge). We want to allow you to vote with your HOPR tokens, wherever these tokens might be (Uni, Farm, xHOPR, wxHOPR). We think this is a significant improvement that makes the HOPR DAO more resilient and decentralized.

:grimacing: The issue:
In order to allow any of the above mentioned tokens to vote, we built our own Snapshot Page voting strategy which we’re using for the first time here. Our local tests were running smoothly when testing with plain Ethereum addresses (0x123abc…). When running some tests on the production system this morning we discovered issues with the xDAI tokens. Specifically if the address was provided as an EIP-55 checksummed format with some capital letters (0x123AbC…). This unfortunately broke some SubGraph logic which in turn prevented most xHOPR and wxHOPR holders from voting.

:nerd_face: The solution:
Luckily, our amazing @QYuQianchen identified the issue and implemented a fix (it was literally a one-liner: Update HOPR-Farm strategy by QYuQianchen · Pull Request #231 · snapshot-labs/snapshot.js · GitHub ) which has been submitted as a pull request to Snapshot Labs but we have to wait for it to get merged. We reached out to their team and expect that upon them merging our changes, we can proceed as planned tomorrow - 24h later than planned on Snapshot. There is a test proposal in there right now - feel free to test the process, it has no side effect on the vote that starts tomorrow. But don’t panic if your xHOPR or wxHOPR do not count - that is due to the issue that I described here.