We need your feedback!

Dear HOPRators!

Thank you for joining to our HOPR hunt journey! Especially thanks for the winners who did a great job and solved puzzles. Now we would like to get your feedback how we could improve it more!

Are you happy with the rewards?
The difficulty level?
Which stories would you like to learn more about?

Any feedback is welcome!

Everything good, but you cannot participate multiple times in different puzzles.

Personally, I hate puzzles.
However, I truly do appreciate your efforts to make this staking phase a bit more profitable for us.

Ah okay. I think maybe we haven’t communicated this clearly enough.

There will be four seasons. You can win one bronze and one gold NFT per season. The second season started last week, with Puzzle #6. So you can now participate again.

Thanks! Yes we’ve discussed that idea and are working on making the educational articles more accessible and interactive, but it’s a problem of resources.

In general the steps we’re working on are:

  • Improve the text images of the articles
  • Make video versions
  • Add interactivity and rewards (e.g., quizzes)

We hope to have progress here soon, but it’s probably going to be 1-2 months not days or weeks.

I’ll check out Goldfinch though. Thanks!

Hi, I like the pazzles. I tried to solve, but couldn`t guess any yet. :smiley: It is not easy :raised_hands:

Think it would be a good idea to have answers hidden when submitted. Seemed like everyone would wait for a new answer to be guessed on the forum and then everyone else would piggy back and post that same answer.

Yes, that was an issue. I tried to resolve that by asking people to submit a part of the solution privately. But then I got no answers at all :laughing: !

Working on a better solution…

хотелось бы попроще загадки, тяжело разгадывать

Very difficult.

They’re too complicated or not clear enough. Its a fine line but a whole bunch of unsolved puzzles indicates they’re not right for the audience. Puzzles are designed to be solvable eh?

I hear you. I think the issue is I was expecting a lot more overlap with players of the MIT Mystery Hunt and other similar puzzle hunts (which from experience I would say are much harder but still get solved much quicker.)

Those contests have fairly clear “rules” for how clues and instructions can be hidden and what’s fair. If you’re not used to that I can see how it can be overwhelming.

To answer your question from the bonus puzzle thread, I don’t think it’s too much of a hint to say that nothing is irrelevant (although of course a lot of the story text is just for flavour - but ever then there are a LOT of clues). But you’ll need to work out which parts are related to the puzzle of the week and which are related to the overarching puzzle with the 100,000 HOPR Token prize.

I think another issue is that people aren’t really collaborating much. These puzzles are much easier to solve if you bounce ideas off each other.

We’re retooling the hunt slightly in a way which I hope will address these issues. Thanks for playing and your feedback!

I think your efforts are remarkable, and I love puzzles. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the overall instructions and jumped right into solving one of them… and I have to admit that I had to give up as it seemed too complicated and hard to solve by just reading the text. So maybe you could work on the difficulty level or do short quizzes, as you proposed, instead.
Thanks a lot and best regards,

Yes inetersting.

Hi, welcome! =)))

I tried.

Too hard!!!

Please give more reminders or advice!