Week 5 Submission Thread (Puzzle #6)

UPDATE: Sorry, there was a missing sentence in the parade protocols which made this impossible to solve. It’s been fixed now. I’ve also edited this post to clarify that Season 2 is open to everyone again, including winners from Season 1.

This is the submission thread for week five of the HOPR Hunt. It covers Puzzle #6. This week is also the first week of Season 2 of the Hunt. Previous winners are now able to win again. This season will run for 4 weeks. The boost NFT %s have been increased to 2% and 5%. Season 2 NFTs stack with Season 1 NFTs, so you can claim both boosts.

To enter, answer the following questions:

  • What was the intended message for the Queen’s Birthday Parade?

  • What does the Queen think the replacement message was?

To demonstrate you’ve understood the puzzle, send a private message to me (@thewanderingeditor) listing the parade order after the queen cancelled the parade.

Please don’t submit this final answer in this thread.

Good luck!

The first person to submit the correct solution will win a Gold Season 2 Puzzle Solver NFT. The next nine correct answers will receive a Bronze NFT. You can only submit an answer once every two hours. Answers will not be marked until 48hrs have passed.

There is now also sufficient information to claim the Treasure and the First Map Piece, although these puzzles are extremely difficult.

If you’d like to discuss this week’s puzzles or the Hunt in general, feel free to use the dedicated discussion category .