Week 6 Submission Thread (Puzzle #7)

This is the submission thread for week six of the HOPR Hunt. It covers Puzzle #7.

To enter, answer the following questions:

  • What instruction did the woman leave?

To demonstrate you’ve understood the puzzle, send a private message to me (@thewanderingeditor) explaining the 12 digit number at the top of the message.

Please don’t submit this final answer in this thread.

Good luck!

The first person to submit the correct solution will win a Gold Season 2 Puzzle Solver NFT. The next nine correct answers will receive a Bronze NFT. You can only submit an answer once every two hours. Answers will not be marked until 48hrs have passed.

If you’d like to discuss this week’s puzzles or the Hunt in general, feel free to use the dedicated discussion category.

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I’m a bit confused. Is this puzzle already solved as is indicated in the medium post? → https://medium.com/hoprnet/the-parade-protocols-e80b325ef994

Apologies, the last updates to the Story So Far… post don’t seem to have saved properly. It’s fixed now.

Paris is indeed unsolved (and puzzles in the Brownian Motion story will remain redacted until their location is revealed).

There was a hint to the Paris puzzle a while ago which should still be in the Discussion part of the forum. The latest Redacted puzzle may also provide some guidance…

Yes, I noticed that and finally understand what the hint is trying to say (I guess). If my guess is right, the word “Enforce” should actually be “Engage”, though…

Enforce or Engage?