Week 7 Puzzle and Hints: UPDATED

Hi everyone. DAO mania meant the Hunt got a little delayed this week. The next chapter in Kanza’s story should be with you by this evening, along with a new puzzle of course.

I’ll also be releasing some hints to the puzzles which are still unsolved. Without wishing to get too spoilery, solving some of the puzzles has other effects, uh, elsewhere, so they’re a bit of a blocker on getting to the good stuff!

Basically, I wasn’t expecting that flag one to cause so much difficulty! :laughing:

Hi everyone. Sorry for the continued delay. The DAO ended up being a lot more moderating work than expected.

The hunt will continue next Wednesday with a bumper edition featuring all four stories. There will also be some boosted prized up for grabs :partying_face:

Outstanding NFTs will be issued on Monday. Sorry for the delay: this is the soonest we can safely organize the multisig for secure minting.

As a special bonus, I’ve attached a few hints for some of the puzzles which are still unsolved…