Xhopr, wxhopr and hopr. How do I get these tokens, and where.🤔

I’ve looked on several google pages and Youtube videos, but haven’t found an answer to how I can gain these tokens. I do run an Avado, and have 50 wxhopr tokens sent to my Metamask, I can see them on Etherscan. The only methods I’ve heard of getting wxhopr/xhopr are by running a node, or by redeeming a code that came with the Avado. I believe that these tokens that are gained by redeeming a code are used to stake on the node. I would also appreciate if someone could inform me on how you would lay out the hopr package and what requirements there would be, and when you plan to release the usable node on the Avado, so that I could get prepared early.
Kind Regards, Noah :blush:

I would join the hopr telegram group. The moderators are good at giving you the medium article links to how to convert coins. Could also try hopr website and there might be some links there as well.

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Ok thanks! I will do.

In case other people are wondering, here’s the Medium post explaining the various tokens:


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@MoreObfuscated Thank you!!