An update from Swapr

The Swapr team posted this:

“Regarding the liquidity mining, we could likely round direct rewards distribution to 8k SWPR, then offer a bonus of up to 42k SWPR in the form of Carrot tokens targeting a range of $1m to $3m in TVL in the HOPR/wXDAI pair in Swapr on Gnosis Chain. If the DAO shifts $1.5m in liquidity, it essentially be rewarded with 8k+21k SWPR, plus LP fees /those auto-compound/. If it decides to move $3m, the total earned would be 50’000 SWPR per month.”

This is related to Proposal #2.


Nice. I updated my posts to reflect this update:

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farm bonuses are certainly good, but no one will transfer $ 1.5 million of liquidity to swapr, I hope.

It is a bit confusing to me if “8k SWAPR” means 8k per epoch or 8k per month.
In the original proposal, it says;

“At minimum, we can move this to 7% which represents 7840 SWPR/Epoch, or 15,680 SWPR/Month.”

And this makes me feel they are talking about the number per epoch, but, at the same time, they mentioned it is per month here…

With the size of $100,000 in liquidity as in the current proposal, how much SWPR will be distributed as a reward? 8k SWPR per epoch or per month?

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I don’t think it’s a big deal

Would be nice to have some liquidity on another dex. None of us know how long it will take uniswap to enable the gnosis chain. When everything was on uniswap, it made it very difficult for the small fish to nibble or dollar cost average into hopr. Some small guppies might have wanted to try staking/earning NFT, but where kept out of the high fees. Like trying to put $100 in, but having to pay 20 for ethe fees. So they stay away. Only the big whales can splash around in that pool usually.

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A further update from Swapr to clarify this:

“I’m sorry, I actually added to the confusion by making a mistake, saying that the ~ 8k was for the month, whereas it is indeed per epoch. In the current live campaign that launched yesterday, the pair is getting 11200 for a month, so we’re basically offering to increase that up to 16k, and the remaining 34k (50-16) to be in Carrot, depending on the committed capital allotment, the deeper the pool, the better the rewards.”

I’m hoping that we (the Association) can also negotiate a slightly more favourable rate for the DAO. Their ask of 3m seems high to me. That would put HOPR as one of the very deepest pools on the DEX, which doesn’t seem like the right place for us. (High, certainly, but if we’re above super common pairings for native token and stablecoins then I think it’s not efficient allocation.)

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Thank you for the update! It’s getting more clear :slight_smile:
Yes, I see that the current HOPR-DAI pair on Swapr has an allocation of 11200 swapr for the duration of about a month, which is distributed among all the HOPR-DAI liquidity providers pro-rata base, I assume.

The TVL of the pair is $22,700 and we are now talking about adding $500,000 more (more than x20). I’m curious how much they would be offering for this size of liquidity eventually.